Kids Lunchbox with Juice Once-off


The Kids Lunchbox:

One box packed with 21 bags
Each lunch bag gets 3 packed food products plus one drink each day

Scroll to see what to expect in each day’s pack.

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We all need these 5 to Stay Alive:

1.Carbohydrates (Provide energy)

2.Protein (Build and repair tissue)

3.Fats (Provide backup energy)

4.Vitamins and Minerals (Maintain optimal health)

5.Water (Enables vital bodily functions)

That is why we pack products like:

1.Health Bars and Oat Crunchies

2.Biltong and droëwors


4.Dried Fruit

5.We do not pack beverage in the Adult Box

We pack every day different

Scroll Image gallery to see what to expect in the day packs.