BL Banting Lunchbox


The Banting Lunchbox:

You get 20 bags, numbered from Day 1 to Day 20.

Each daypack is packed with a selection of 4 x non-perishable items (1 x Biltong +1 x Droewors + 2 x Nuts).

The serving size for each pack is 25g. We pack no drinks in the Banting Lunchbox.

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The Real Meal Revolution book by Tim Noakes revived the Banting concept.

He talks about food being on a Red, Orange or Green list.

  1. Items on the Red List. Stay away!
  2. Items on the Orange List. Eat with caution!
  3. Items on the Green List. Eat as much as you like, no guilt here!
We only pack what you will find on the GREEN list:
  1. Raw Almonds, Macadamias, Walnuts, Pecans, Sunflower seeds and Brazillian nuts
  2. Biltong and droƫwors
  3. Banting Granola Bars and Low Carb Seed Bars.