5 Quick Ways to save more time in the morning!

Morning school run anxiety is a feeling most parents know all too well! Trying to get swigs of coffee down whilst the other arm is navigating school shirts and an iron, all the while shouting down the passage for your kids to hurry up or they’ll be late. Sound familiar?

At The Lunchbox, we are all about saving you time, which is why we are so passionate about making your life as pain-free as possible with our 21 days of pre-packed snack items for school and the office.

Here are five tips to save you, even more, time in the mornings.

1.Make a No-Brainer Breakfast
A no-brainer breakfast does not mean skipping breakfast! Breakfast is absolutely the most important meal of the day. It fuels your body with energy and nutrients, and studies have shown that eating breakfast is essential to losing weight—and keeping it off.
Lack of time usually stops people from eating in the morning. So here’s a quick, no-excuse strategy:

Every week buy five individual containers of plain Greek yoghurt, a great source of protein and calcium. Scoop 1/3 cup of low-fat, high-fiber cereal into five snack-size containers. Toss a yoghurt and the cereal into your bag each morning, then combine the two and enjoy them at work. When you crave a little sweetness, add fresh fruit or drizzle on a bit of Agave Nectar Syrup, which you can store in your desk drawer.

2. Set Up a Shower Schedule

If you live in a busy household, you certainly know what it’s like to share a single bathroom in the morning. Consider arranging an informal Shower Schedule. Keep things simple by letting people know who’s first, second and so forth according to when people have to be at work and school. Even if you don’t strictly keep to your schedule, it still serves as a gentle reminder and teaches your children to be considerate.

3. Switch from TV to Music

The television can be a time-draining distraction for kids and parents. Try introducing a new rule that television, as well as phones, tablets, and social media, are not allowed until everyone is completely ready for school. This has the added benefit of motivating kids to get going sooner so they can get back to their devices. Then, as kids are going through their morning routines, play their favourite upbeat tunes. Music is a mood lifter, which can come in handy for those who are not “morning people” and, catchy tunes will rev up the energy to get the kids moving faster than they normally would. Pick happy, motivational songs to set the mood for the day.

4. Empower a Child Leader

Why take on all the responsibility of getting the kids out the door when you can delegate and teach leadership skills in the process. If you have more than one child, designate each child as a leader for a given day, taking turns through the week. Then provide an outline of the tasks the leader is responsible for, such as picking the music or getting everyone to the breakfast table on time. It could even be a competition to find out which leader got everyone out the door in the quickest time.

5. Let The LunchBox Handle Your Daily Meal Prep

The average parent doesn’t take into account the amount of time that’s spent travelling to and from (and within) grocery stores, as well as the physical preparation time it takes to have a lunch box ready to the individual liking of each child. The LunchBox delivers 21 pre-packed lunch bags to your door, filled with wholesome snacks and a juice or water. Each bag is different and offers something exciting for even the pickiest eater! With The LunchBox, it will take you less than one minute to prepare!

So now all you have to do is decide what to do with all the extra time you’ve saved.

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