Nut Free Lunchbox


The Nutfree Box:

  • 20 x Lunch packets
  • 3 Items (25-50g per portion)
  • Biltong or Droëwors every day
  • 1 Beverage every day
  • Total of 4 items each day

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Here is a list of all the product we pack in the Nut Free Box. Please check this list against any allergies.

  • Rhodes 100% Fruit Juice:Apple,Litchi,Mango,Tropical,Grape,OrangeWilde Pure Pressed Juice:Apple, Berry, Orange, Pear

    Cape Deli:
    1 x 25g Biltong or 1 x 25g DroëworsAt Source:Guava & Apple Snack 25g, Guava and Pear Roll 65g, Cranberry and Peach Chunks, Cranberry and Apple Chunks, Mixed Fruit Roll 65g, Guava & Pear Bars 18g, Apricot Bars 18g, Mango Bars 18g
  • Cauliqueen Nut-Free Date Balls, Seed Bar

    Cauliqueen Nut-Free biscuits:
    Coconut, Vanilla, Choc-chipBakali:Chutney Mini Rice Cakes, Cream cheese & chives
    Bakali Cheese Delight Mini Corn CakesVital:Fruit Chutney, Beef, Cream cheese & chives rice cakesSnaxels Pretzels 75g

    Rootstock Veggie Crisps 40g